Facilitator-Led Workshops

What Are Facilitator-Led Workshops?

Clients engage with us as expert external facilitators. We work with our clients to understand the focus area and then design a unique process to guide teams in making important decisions, creating a strategic plan, creating a set of values or guiding principles or in building team cohesion. We apply a range of suitable techniques such as Gamestorming, Visual Facilitation and LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® method to assist groups to reach consensus and build action plans.

Our Workshops

Lego Serious Play

LEGO is not just a fun activity for children. As a learning methodology for adults, it can deliver some impressive results within teams.
Trained by one of the five world master trainers, our facilitators use LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® methodology to teach people how to strategise, communicate and work together for a common goal. It helps teams with communicating, collaborating and working with a focus. RESULT: A marked change and growth in participants’ skills because they are actively learning and receiving peer feedback in the workshops.

Game Storming

Gamestorming is a low-technology tool kit that encourages people to explore things at a deep level, tests their thinking and encourages problem-solving. It provides participants with a range of creative thinking tools to consider problems, develop ideas and strategies with their teams. Gamestorming also makes use of sketching, drawing and artefact creating which allows participants to make sense of solutions and strategies. One of our favourite things about Gamestorming is that each workshop is like no other-each session is uniquely designed and unfolds as the group interacts organically.

Trusted By

Kerri provided a psychologically safe space for participants to have fun, participate and be vulnerable. The session was effective and thoroughly enjoyed, I will be using Blackstone in the future. 

Dean Newman – General Manager, Connect Smart & Program Governance
Primary Connect, Woolworths Group

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The Process


We work closely with you to understand your business, your team and their needs so that we can design a workshop that is customised to your specific requirements. This takes into consideration the purpose of the workshop, the people involved and the outcome you’re seeking. We decide together on the most appropriate methodology to use to get the best results.

Workshop Day

During the workshop, your facilitator follows a pre-determined bespoke roadmap and guides the group through a sequence of activities that opens, explores and closes a topic. These workshops are usually lively, full of music and conversation, group presentations, collaborative charts, heated debates and applause for other’s efforts. Your facilitator will always read the room and adjust the plan appropriately to suit the group’s needs as they unfold.

Review and Feedback

Depending on what the group needs to achieve, we remain involved or step away to allow you to implement the plan you’ve developed. We can work with you to determine how to action some of the items agreed to in the session. We are always keen to share feedback on how the workshop unfolded and suggest how to maximise the team’s efforts in moving forward.


What materials do I need to provide?
We kindly request a flip chart stand with paper for visual summaries or for group brainstorming. If you’re using your own space, we require sufficient working surface for the relevant group. We like a lot of wall space for charts . We supply all stationery and other resources for the day.
Do I need to prepare the participants?
The facilitator will always provide rich context for all attendees. You’re more than welcome to brief them on why they’re participating in the workshop.
Is there any prework?
What happens if we require a few more hours and we didn’t plan for it?
During the planning phase, we will always advise how long a session should go for. If you envision a half day session and our experience tells us that it should be a full day, we will always let you know. The opposite also applies.
How do I know that my entire team will be engaged, even the quieter ones.
This is our area of expertise. Both Lego Serious Play and Gamestormjng are designed to ensure that 100% of the participants will be 100% engaged.

Find Out How We Can Tailor A Unique Program For You