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Kerri Blackstone

Kerri Blackstone is an award-winning corporate trainer, facilitator and coach and has worked in many sectors including financial institutions, logistics, insurance, IT, public service, property and construction as well as a number of for-purpose originations. She has over 20 years experience helping individuals and teams to perform at their peak.

Her background is Organisational Psychology, Corporate Communications and Speech and Drama. This dynamic combination makes for engaging workshops where people learn practical skills that they can apply immediately for better business results.

Her flexibility, patience and personable approach ensure a safe community of learners. Her presentation skills are energetic, her explanations thorough and her activities vibrant. She prides herself on tailoring each workshop to meet the unique needs of each group. Kerri has the ability to stimulate self-reflection and innovative thinking which encourages robust discussions and meaningful action plans for change.

Kerri is a facilitator who uses the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® method, Gamestorming and graphic facilitation techniques.

Kerri Blackstone


Blackstone Training is not about following the same set curriculum for every client. We’re about finding out why you’re in business, enhancing what you’re doing well and offerering support to your teams to improve those areas that are holding them back and impacting on your organisation. By partnering with you, we design and develop a learning program that’s tailored to your unique needs, circumstances and culture. In both our training and facilitated workshops, we use a carefully crafted series of activities with accompanying templates to maximise engagement and equal participation across the group. We document all the good bits and ensure that all participants leave knowing exactly what they need to do immediately in order to achieve better results.

Key Focus Areas

Training Workshops

Workshop skills training across four categories of learning- training, future of work, management and strategy. Each workshop is tailored to suit the group’s specific needs for identified business outcomes. The focus is on helping learners develop new skills that they can apply immediately in their roles. We use an active-learning approach and are considered experts in using activities, games and templates to deepen learning.

Facilitated Workshops

Clients engage with us as expert external facilitators. We work with our clients to understand the focus area and then design a unique process to guide teams in making important decisions, creating a strategic plan, creating a set of values or guiding principles or in building team cohesion. We apply a range of suitable techniques such as Gamestorming, Visual Facilitation and LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® method to assist groups to reach consensus and build action plans.

“Kerri is a great trainer and is a wealth of knowledge in her area of expertise. It is obvious how well read she is in different presentation techniques, which she effortlessly brings into her session.”

Ruth Standring Director, Global Marketing, American Express

“Kerri really included everyone and was willing to talk to us on other subjects other than what may have been on the course outline, which I felt was very beneficial as it kept us engaged..”

Participant, Influencing Skills

“The delivery was engaging, well presented and tailored to the group’s needs. The interactive delivery of course content was most useful, impactful and memorable. The trainer’s knowledge and facilitation was exceptional.”

Local Council

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