What is Gamestorming?

Gamestorming is for facilitators, leaders, change makers and creators who want fresh ideas for activities to involve a group in reaching a particular outcome. Using a low- tech toolkit such as tekstas, pens and coloured paper, Gamestorming is an endless collection of resources and ideas to add a fresh approach for hosting meetings and training workshops.

Ideal For




Trainers and facilitators who want more inclusive and engaging meetings


More engaging and inclusive meetings

Diagnosing and solving a problem

Creation of a strategy, vision or plan

Developing a product overview

Reaching consensus

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The best part of this course is how well Kerri catered the learning to suit our needs, levels and interests and how she continuously checked in with us to make sure we were happy with what she was covering


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The Process


We work closely with you to understand your business, your team and their needs so that we can design a workshop that is tailored to your specific requirements. This takes into consideration the purpose of the workshop, the people involved and the outcome you’re seeking.

Workshop Day

During the workshop, your facilitator follows the pre-determined bespoke roadmap by guiding the group through a sequence of activities that open a topic, explore it and then bring it to a close. The goal is collaborate in a creative environment in order to reach consensus quickly. Throughout the workshop, the facilitator captures key ideas, options and insights as the group debates and makes decisions. Keeping track in this way allows participants to make sense of where they are and where they’re headed. Trusting the process and sometimes allowing it to fall apart and going with what the group needs is what makes a session successful. Serendipitous findings are embraced.

Review and Feedback

Once a group reaches consensus, the facilitator collates the findings and presents the outcome as well as other feedback from the session to you with the visual summaries of the day. If further support for the group post workshops required, this can be discussed separately.

More Details

Whats Included: A highly skilled facilitator who guides you through the process, all the resources such as stationery and materials needed to engage fully in the session. Visual summaries of the process unfolding and action plans.

Requirements: A space large enough to accommodate the participants safely. Sufficient wall space. A flip chart stand with paper.


Do you adhere to Covid-19 safe guidelines?
Yes we adhere strictly to the guidelines supplied by NSW Health.
What materials do I need to provide?
We kindly request a flip chart stand with paper for visual summaries and for group brainstorming. If you’re using your own space, we require sufficient working surface for the relevant group. We like a lot of wall space for charts. We supply all stationery and other resources for the day.
Do I need to prepare the participants?
The facilitator will always provide rich context for all attendees. In addition, you’re welcome to brief them on why they’re participating in the workshop.
Is there any prework?
How do I know that my entire team will be engaged, even the quieter ones.
This is our area of expertise. Gamestormjng ensures that 100% of the participants will be 100% engaged throughout the session.

Find Out How We Can Tailor A Unique Program For You