Lego® Serious Play®

What is Lego® Serious Play®?

We utilise Lego® Serious Play® for creating or rebooting strategic focus and for unlocking a team’s potential. Since every team member is participating in pre-planned cumulative building activities, there’s 100% contribution from 100% of the team members instead of the usual 20%. There are no lone rangers. There are no dips in energy. Rather, teams are busy building, making sense of their models, articulating to others what their artefact represents and all share in the meaning of models and built Lego landscapes.

Ideal For

Building team cohesion

Teams who need to gaining alignment

Senior leaders who want to develop a strategic plan


Team values, purpose statement or mission

Key priorities for a period of time

Trusted By

Thanks to Kerri’s targeted interventions, our leadership team is now more cohesive and productive than ever. 

Sender Kavra – Director, Sydney Friendship Circle

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The Process


With your help, we first seek to understand the purpose of the workshop and how it relates to the broader organisation’s purpose and strategy. We develop an understanding of who will be in the room and the desired outcomes of the workshop e.g. a set of core values, a vision statement or a list of the top three priorities. We then prepare a session plan that will achieve these outcomes and gather all the physical resources you’ll need for the day. If the number of participants exceeds 20 people, we require that you provide one table host per table. This person could an internal facilitator or anybody you see fit to facilitate conversation at a table. We provide free training to the hosts prior to the training. This is not a time-consuming or onerous exercise. If the number of participants exceeds 30 people, we require another facilitator In addition to table hosts. We would supply this resource at an additional cost.

Workshop Day

We arrive with all the Lego, fully qualified and prepared facilitators. We facilitate the workshop according to the session plan and will also be flexible to move off plan should the need arise. We recommend that participants bring their phones to take pictures and videos of their models, Landscapes and Super Stories. We pack up the Lego at the end of the workshop.

Review and Feedback

Once the workshop is complete, we always provide you with feedback based on our observations. We also gauge and advise how we might support the team going forward.

More Details

Whats Included: All the Lego you’ll need for the day, fully qualified Lego Serious Play facilitators and all stationery the participants require for the workshop.

Requirements: We require a room with sufficient seating and table space. Ideally, we like to seat 10 people per table. We require a room with an AV setup including projector and sound. If you’re using table hosts, we require that they arrive half an hour early to receive their final brief. Facilitators arrive one hour before the sessions begins to set up, so they would require access.


Are you Covid safe?
Yes, we adhere to all guidelines stipulated by the NSW Department of Health. We wash the Lego bricks after each workshop, request that all participants apply hand sanitiser regularly throughout the day. We also recommend the seating to be set up to be at 1.5 meters apart.
What’s the maximum number of participants we can include in a session?
We can host up to 40 people if you have sufficient space. We would need to hire additional Lego if you the number were to increases. This would be included in a formal quote.
What’s the minimum number of participants we can include in a session?
We facilitate with a minimum of four participants.

Find Out How We Can Tailor A Unique Program For You