Business Planning

About the Course

This course is a step by step guide for anybody wanting to create a rough draft, re-work a plan or begin creating a comprehensive business plan. Using graphic facilitation, we use a customised template to help each participant understand the requirements for their own business and apply the framework to their own needs.

Ideal For

Entrepreneurs who would like to generate a business model for a start-up organisation

People who want to develop a business model for a new product and/or service

Those who want to map out the business models of competitors, map out and understand innovative business models in other industries as a source of inspiration

Business Outcomes

Confidence to create a comprehensive business plan

The ability to attract the right investors

A stronger execution thanks to solid groundwork

Your Team Will Learn

How to articulate the most important elements of a business plan- its infrastructure, offerings, customers and financials

Competencies Developed

Examine and rethink your company’s business model
Exploring alternatives

Trusted By

“Loved the constant encouragement and involvement to by the group and the facilitator.”

Participant - BE Campbells

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More Details

What’s Included: A copy of the full business planning model outline and guide.

Requirements: A very large wall space. Diverse participants. Camera to capture results.

Find Out How We Can Tailor a Unique Program For You