Innovative Problem Solving

About the Course

This dynamic and fully immersive workshop uses the latest research and techniques that help to simulate critical thinking for sound decision-making. It demonstrates and equips participants with the the mindset and techniques to diverge and explore a problem as well as to converge or narrow in to a decision that aligns with the overall business strategy. Throughout the workshop the facilitator poses a ‘problem’ challenge and offers a demonstration of some appropriate tools. There are multiple practice opportunities.

Ideal For

Team Members



Business Outcomes

More confident staff who use problem-solving techniques to manage problems autonomously

A more innovative company culture

Your Team Will Learn

A range of tools and techniques that can be applied to diverse and complex problems and their appropriateness in each case

Competencies Developed

Analyse information to clearly describe problems
Identify appropriate solutions
Use a variety of strategies to analyse different kinds of problems
Think creatively and be a contributing member of a problem-solving team

Trusted By

“Great session content that works through some excellent & practical tools to help with problem solving .”


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What’s Included: Customised learner workbook.

Requirements: There are no pre-requisites for this course.

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