Facilitation Skills

About the Course

If you want to run more effective meetings or brainstorming workshops, you need strong facilitation skills. We use the latest, most innovative and effective facilitation principles and methodologies to ensure that your facilitation leads to engaged participants and a meaningful close. We focus on guiding facilitators to manage attention, energy, information and operations to maximise the flow of their meetings or workshops.

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Business Outcomes

Productive and engaging meetings with a high level of buy-in and accountability

Higher level of participation

Employees who reach consensus. Better business results

Higher levels of staff buy-in

Staff who implement what has been agreed

Your Team Will Learn

How to guide a group to reach consenus by following the faciitation process and by applying approprate tools and templates

Competencies Developed

Manage attention and energy
Resources all facilitators need
Manage operations and information
Close for consensus
Open discussions
Manage group dynamics
Encourage exploration
Create more visual meetings

Trusted By

“Kerri’s facilitator training taught us a stack of new techniques and games to add more creativity and fun to our client workshops. Since our training, we’ve already successfully road tested some new ideas, and the workshops we run have stepped up to the next level. Highly recommended!”

Amanda Deacon - Principal/Strategist Lexicon Agency

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More Details

What’s Included: Pre-work assignment of up to two activities. Customised learner workbook. Post workshop follow up that includes up to two activities or quizzes.

Requirements: There are no pre-requisites for this course.

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