Graphic Facilitation

About the Course

If you’re a trainer or facilitator who wants to boost engagement and help to create shared meaning, this is the perfect addition to your toolkit.

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Business Outcomes

Creating visual anchors throughout meetings or workshops increases particpation

Facilitates a smooth path towards consensus and therefore ownership of decisions

More thoughtful documenting of key points and action items leads to more accountabilty.

Your Team Will Learn

How to listen, capture and record the essential bits of group discussions or presentations.

How to crete visually appealing and meaningful visual summaries for individuals and groups.

Competencies Developed

Create seed shapes
Create an icon library
Letters and numbers
Create containers for data
Use colour for meaning
Active listening
Turn shapes into objects
Use page real estate

Trusted By

“There’s a lot of buzz about the workshop. It’s the biggest change I’ve seen in our facilitators in a very long time! I love that the session wasn’t just theory, it was so practical”


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More Details

What’s Included: All stationery used on the day. A set of chiseled markers to keep.

Requirements: Must have experience facilitating meetings or training workshops. You don’t need to be able to draw to attend.

Find Out How We Can Tailor a Unique Program For You