About the Course

This immersive workshop helps participants to determine how resilient they are before exploring a wide range of tools, techniques and practices that help to activate and strengthen their resilience.

Ideal For

Team members


Business Outcomes

Team members who have a healthy worldview that will impact positively on their work relationships and outputs.

Your Team Will Learn

Long and short strategies for coping under duress to avoid burnout.

Competencies Developed

Defintion of resilience
Seligman’s 3 Ps of resilience
Use evidence-based strategies to grow resilience
Choose the right combination of strategies for personal situations

Trusted By

“Learning to be active listeners and how to deal with difficult people by understanding child/parent/adult modes delivered by Kerri’s warm personality and the way she engages with each one of us was really remarkable.”

Nancy Keoka - EA to CEO and MD, GPT Group

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More Details

What’s Included: Customised learner workbook.

Requirements: There are no pre-requisites for this course.

Find Out How We Can Tailor a Unique Program For You