Tips To Bust Working Trom Home Fatigue

Jul 23, 2020

Have you considered how different our homes are today compared to how they used to be 10 years ago? If you’re over the age of 35 you’ll remember far simpler times. Home is now a place where we sleep, eat, shop, work and seek entertainment, not just the place for some R&R. So if you’re finding it monotonous to wake up and work in the same place day after day, you’re not alone? Are you struggling to stay motivated, keep ideas flowing or feeling trapped in your routine? Are you feeling trapped in your haven? Here are a few simple tips to help get you through the next few months.

Many employees have been working at home for almost four months and there’s no clear indication of when working from home will end. While some people are back at work, others are trialling a balanced schedule between office and home, and still many are plodding along, sliding down a slippery slope of depression. Companies and teams are still working through strategies for flexible employment, but most are feeling their way around this conundrum.

If you’re still working at home exclusively and feeling bogged down for numerous reasons, try a few simple strategies to lift your spirits, feel connected and remain a productive team member. If you’re able to implement two or more of these tips, you’ll benefit mentally, physically, emotionally and professionally. That make you a coping rockstar!

Tip 1. Hot desk at home
Find two or three new, ergonomically friendly places to stand or sit and get it done. This will become easier once the weather improves as we can work more outdoors. Most of us have at least two places where we could take a laptop for a few hours.
Tip 2. Podcast learning with coffee
You could arrange to listen at the same time as a friend or colleague and share notes afterwards. It may be an opportunity for team learning. Take turns choosing as it increases the likelihood of diverse topics.
Tip 3. Give your LinkedIn profile a deep cleanse
A regular touch up, edit and refresh will do wonders for your personal brand and will tick a box to ensure employability. Look at other high-profile individuals for ideas, use LinkedIn’s tips for building your profile and then engage with others on the platform.
Tip 4. Take a fitness challenge
There are countless options, so choose something you know that you’ll enjoy in order to ensure stickability. Using your commute time for connecting mind and body is a great way to start or end your day.

These strategies are not a panacea for homeworking, but I’ve seen them do wonders for colleagues and have used them myself. If you’re feeling really low, anxious or depressed, talk to your manager or a trusted colleague who will be able to offer you guidance and support. There are superb support service professionals who can help those who ask for it.

Best of luck to you all. Keep in touch and, as always, email me to book a time to chat about your own or your team’s needs.