Emotional Intelligence

About the Course

This workshop can be customised to suit any level of employee who wants to improve their work relationships. Our workshop is highly engaging, experiential and practical. It offers many practice opportunities so that participants feel confident to apply what they’ve learned on the job. Staff with high EQ go on to foster collaboration among their peers which in turn drives engagement, enhances team performance, increases positive customer experiences and ultimately boosts your bottom line.

Ideal For

Team members


Business Outcomes

Improved working relationships among colleagues, customers and other key stakeholders means a healthy company culture that supports employees to achieve their goals

Your Team Will Learn

Goleman's four domains

How to develop self-awareness and awareness of others in order to manage behaviours and relationships in ways that are mutually beneficial and reflect organisational values

Competencies Developed

Developing EQ vocabulary
Active listening
Gain personal awareness
Grow social awareness
Manage blind spots
Prevent emotional hijacking
Build empathy

Trusted By

“Learning to be active listeners and how to deal with difficult people by understanding child/parent/adult modes delivered by Kerri’s warm personality and the way she engages with each one of us was really remarkable.”

Nancy Keoka - EA to CEO and MD, GPT Group

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More Details

What’s Included: Customised learner workbook.

Requirements: There are no pre-requisites for this course.

Find Out How We Can Tailor a Unique Program For You